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May 30, 2021

What to Wear for Spring Portraits

If you are wondering what to wear for spring portraits, you are in the right place. I love helping families coordinate outfits for their portrait sessions. What you wear for family portraits will heavily depend on the season. That’s part of the reason I’ll be sharing tips for spring, summer, fall, and winter. You can check out the What to Wear for Winter Portraits guide here. And stay tuned for the rest of the seasons!

A What to Wear Guide for Spring Family Portraits | Advice from a Professional Portrait Photographer | Photographed by Tacoma's Best Family Photographer Amanda Howse Photography

Why You Should Book Spring Family Portraits

There are pros and cons to each season, but I simply love spring family portraits. The spring flowers are blooming, and all the lush greenery is just beautiful. And the weather in the PNW is starting to warm up! Spring is a great transitional season, where you can layer your outfits without having to bundle up. And it’s not so hot that you’re uncomfortable during your session.

Spring Family Portraits with Parents and Children | How to Book a Portrait Session for Spring in Tacoma | Family Portraits with Tacoma Photographer Amanda Howse Photography
Individual Portraits of Parents with Children | Outfit Ideas for Spring Portraits, Fort Steilacoom Portraits | Photographed by Tacoma Family Photographer Amanda Howse

When deciding what to wear for spring portraits, you should consider the location in addition to the weather. If we’re opting for a forest session, there will be more shade and the temperatures will feel cooler.  But if we know we’ll be out in the open on a sunny day, you may be able to wear lighter layers.

Selecting a Color Palette for Spring Portraits

Black and White Family Portraits | What to Wear for Outdoor Portraits in Washington in the Spring, Coordinated Family Outfits | Photographed by Tacoma Family Photographed Amanda Howse

The best advice for picking your outfits is to avoid having everyone wear the exact same color. Instead, opt for a color palette that allows each family member to customize their look and wear what suits them best. Spring is the perfect time to play up the greenery of the PNW and the clear blue skies. A few of my favorite colors to wear for spring portraits include sage green, light grey, navy blue, and black.

Color Palette for Spring Family Portraits | How to Style Family Portraits without Matching Outfits | Photographed by Tacoma Family Photographer Amanda Howse
Spring Family Portraits with Sunshine | Photographed by Tacoma Family Photographer Amanda Howse Photography

When you choose a color palette, you can also decide between wearing solid colors or prints. I recommend a mix of the two, but make sure your patterns aren’t too loud or busy. You don’t want them to be a distraction in your beautiful family portraits!

Cute Family Portraits | Spring Sunlight | Photographed by Tacoma Family Photographer Amanda Howse
Mother-Daughter Family Portraits | Photographed by Tacoma Family Photographer Amanda Howse

Capturing Family Traditions

The family of one of my AHP Model Team members, Kendall, opted for a spring portrait session at Fort Steilacoom. I have so much fun shooting portraits for this family! We love re-creating poses the kids have done since they were young. This is another great reason to book sessions every year or two (especially when the kids are young!). It gives you a chance to see just how much they’ve grown, all while celebrating fun milestones.

Candid Family Portraits in Tacoma | A What to Wear Guide for Families | Spring Portraits by Amanda Howse Photography

Kendall and her siblings have portraits throughout their lives to look back on, with fun poses that allows them to directly see how they have changed! We posed them with Kendall kissing her brother on the cheek, and her youngest sister looking grossed out (so fun to re-do each session!). And we posed the three of them stacked on each other.

Re-Creating Family Photos | Regular Family Portrait Sessions Let you Repeat Traditions | Photographed by Tacoma Family Photographer Amanda Howse

Family Portraits Before College

Another fun way to have a cohesive look for your family portraits is to wear college spirit wear. So many of my clients decide to book a family portrait session before their kids head to college in the fall. Showing school spirit can be a way to show your kids that you are proud of where they are headed next.

This fun family opted for Texas Tech sweatshirts to celebrate their oldest, Kendall, heading off to college. They looked great in jeans and athletic shoes and I just love how these portraits turned out. This is such a fun way to announce where your kids plan to go to school or celebrate the college you graduated from. So many families have traditions surrounding college sports teams, and your portraits can be a chance to showcase that.

Family Portraits Celebrating College Decision | How to Wear College Spirit Wear for Portraits | Photographed by Tacoma Family Photographer Amanda Howse
Cute Outdoor Family Portraits with Everyone in Matching College Sweatshirts | Amanda Howse Photography
Spring Family Portrait with Matching College Gear | Photographed By Amanda Howse Photography

Book Your Family Portrait Session with AHP

No matter the season, I would love to connect and get a family portrait session scheduled! It’s easy to reach out on my website any time. You can also email me at [email protected], or call/text me at 530-412-0730.

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