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May 16, 2021

As a female entrepreneur, I simply love meeting other Boss Babes who are passionate about the work they are doing. Supporting small, women-owned businesses is so important to me, and I am excited to feature a few of my favorites in my new Boss Babe Series. I have gotten to know these ah-mazing women through taking their business portraits and interviewing them, and I am so grateful that they trusted me with the process.

Female Entrepreneurs in Tacoma | The Boss Babe Series from Amanda Howse Photography | Headshots, Business Portraits, Branding Photos for Small, Women-Owned Businesses

Emerald Irie Travel

Nancy Zahn is the founder of Emerald Irie Travel, a travel services company that specializes in curating extraordinary luxury and unique family travel experiences. While she didn’t grow up traveling, Nancy learned the importance of it as a teenager. She traveled to France when she was just 16 to spend the summer with a French exchange student she had met as a host. And it was there that she learned the importance of connecting to others through travel and seeing the world outside of her bubble.

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Getting to Know This Boss Babe

Nancy is a joy to be around. She’s honest and transparent, with a compassionate nature that comes through in the way she talks about her family, her career, and her hopes for the future. She’s a working mother of three who runs three small businesses, including Emerald Irie Travel.

Her friends all come to her for advice, and it’s easy to see why. She’s not only an expert on all things travel related, she’s also incredibly caring. Her friends and family know that they can come to her when they need honest advice and someone to lean on.

An Interview with Local Entrepreneur Nancy Zahn | Founder of Emerald Irie Travel | Tips for Female Entrepreneurs | Photographed by Tacoma Business Photographer Amanda Howse

How She Found Her Career Path

This Boss Babe has worn many different hats throughout her life, and her career path to becoming a Travel Advisor was not straightforward. But each step she took in her career brought her closer to where she is now. She has a BA in Writing Studies from the University of Washington, which gave her a solid foundation in organizing and communicating complex information and research (a skill she uses every day as a Travel Advisor).

She also spent decades supporting high level executives in all areas of business administration, including managing complex global travel itineraries. This experience now helps her serve clients as a Travel Advisor. She’s a pro at handling logistics and communicating with her clients, every step of the way.

How to Become a Travel Advisor | Tips from a Pro in the Industry, Nancy Zahn of Emerald Irie Travel | Photographed by Amanda Howse

Establishing a Niche

As a Travel Advisor, having a niche market is incredibly important. There are so many types of trips to take, places to go, and things to see, that it can feel like the industry is infinite (and competitive!). Nancy is still learning and refining her niche, but she currently focuses on family travel.

Nancy curates extraordinary travel experiences for exceptional families. And she doesn’t limit the word family to the stereotypical family unit. She understands that sometimes, we build our own families. And traveling together can strengthen family bonds.

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Her Ideal Client

Emerald Irie Travel serves time-starved, busy professionals and their families. Nancy’s clients know the importance of delegating tasks to experts. She helps plan unforgettable travel experiences for her clients and their families, so that they do not have to worry about the stress of logistics. Some families are looking for complete relaxation, while others hope for a trip filled with adventure. And, of course, some families want something in between.

Taking a vacation together can be an awesome way for families to reconnect. Traveling with kids also helps foster their curiosity of other cultures and encourage wanderlust. The families that Nancy works are ready to adventure off the beaten path and try new things with their loved ones.

How to Hire a Travel Advisor for Your Next Trip | Emerald Irie Travel | Travel Plans for Busy Families | Photographed by Tacoma Photographer Amanda Howse

Boss Babe Advice

Nancy’s biggest advice to her former self? Slow down. This advice applies to other entrepreneurs just getting started, too. It’s not a race, and there are never enough hours in the day to do absolutely everything. Stay focused on your “why” – the motivation behind starting your business and forging a new career path. You can be the tortoise instead of the hare, progressing at a steady pace toward your goals.

It’s also incredibly helpful to have mentors. Being humble and listening to their knowledge and expertise will help you find your path. And pay no attention to those who are criticizing you or hindering your progress. Only invite in those who are cheering you on.

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Book Your Next Trip with Emerald Irie Travel

Nancy loves working with families to bring their travel dreams to life. She encourages everyone to use their vacation days, and she takes care of the planning. You can call Nancy at 253-447-0422 or book a complimentary consult here to get the planning process started.  Also make sure to follow Emerald Irie Travel on Instagram and Facebook.

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I love connecting with local Boss Babes and supporting their businesses. If you want to chat about new headshots or branding photos, please reach out on my website. You can also email me at [email protected], or call/text me at 530-412-0730.

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