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Family Portraits

April 30, 2021

Chambers Bay Family Portraits

These family portraits at Chambers Bay made the most of a super windy day! This family of six is so very special to me. Two of the kids have been on my AHP Senior Model Team: Andreá, Class of 2020, and Baelina, Class of 2021. I have known this awesome family for a few years now, and they are such a wonderful, creative, and welcoming group. They have a beautiful home in Tacoma, complete with chickens and ducks. They are such a warm and loving family, and I am so excited to share more from their fun portrait session in Tacoma.

Cute Family of Six in Coordinated Outfits for Tacoma Family Portrait Session | Photographed by Amanda Howse Photography | Fun Family Portrait Sessions, Tacoma Family Photographer, Chambers Bay Family Session, What to Wear for Family Portraits

Show Off Your Family

I am all about family portrait sessions that show off who you are and celebrate your family dynamic. Part of what takes family portraits from just okay to absolutely incredible is when the family members are not afraid to be themselves. This sweet family had so much fun with each other and were completely themselves throughout the whole portrait session! Mom even jumped on her son’s back (something they do a lot!) and it made for a bunch of fun, candid portraits. I always tell my clients not to be shy, and my goal is to make them feel comfortable and at ease throughout the whole session.

Candid Family Portraits Outdoors in Tacoma | Photographed by Tacoma Family Portrait Photographer Amanda Howse | What to Wear for Outdoor Portraits in Washington, How to Style Matching Family Outfits, Outfit Inspo for Portraits
Cute Family Portraits | How to Style Navy, Orange, Brown, and Tan Outfits for Coordinated Family Portraits | Photographed by Tacoma Family Portrait Photographer Amanda Howse
Fun Family Portraits with a Local Photographer | Chambers Bay Family Portrait Session with Amanda Howse Photography

Picnic at Chambers Bay

Chambers Bay is an awesome location. It has so much variety, plus gorgeous water views! This sweet family loves having picnics here in the summer, which is how they picked this spot for their family portrait session. I simply love that the location had meaning to them as a family and that they were familiar with the area. There are so many places to sit, lean, and explore. And we brought along a huge picnic blanket to show this family in their element.

Family Portraits on a Picnic Blanket | Family Portraits with Four Siblings | Photographed by Tacoma Family Portrait Photographer Amanda Howse
Picnic Blanket Family Portraits | Outdoor Family Portrait Inspiration, Family Portrait Outfits, Pose Ideas for Family Portraits | Photographed by Tacoma Photographer Amanda Howse

What to Wear for Family Portraits

Chambers Bay is a fun, rustic location with fields of grass, concrete structures, and gravel pathways. This family chose to glam it up when it came to choosing outfits for their outdoor portraits. They all wore similar fancy outfits, with the ladies in cute dresses, pants, and jumpsuits. The men looked handsome in short-sleeve button-ups and tailored pants.

Family Portrait Outfit Inspiration | Fancy Outfits for Outdoor Portraits, Tacoma Family Portrait Session at Chambers Bay | Photographed by Tacoma Photographer Amanda Howse

It’s so much fun seeing the colors that my families choose for their portrait sessions. I recommend selecting different colors from the same palette, as this gives everyone a cohesive look without wearing the same things. This fun family of six opted for shades of blue, brown, and rust orange. The earthy color palette looked beautiful with the grassy fields and cloudy blue sky.

Modern Family Portraits Outdoors with Cloudy Skies | Photographed by Tacoma Photographer Amanda Howse

When to Book Your Family Portrait Session

Now is the best time to book a family portrait session of your own! Make sure to reach out and get your session on the books with AHP before your kids head off to college in the fall. Summer in the PNW is absolutely gorgeous, and there are so many awesome spots for family portrait sessions. Scroll through to see more from this session and get inspired to book one of your own!

Mom and Daughters | Family Portraits with Coordinated Outfits | Photographed by Tacoma Family Portrait Photographer Amanda Howse
Individual Portraits of Kids During Family Portrait Sessions | How to Style an Outdoor Portrait Session | Tacoma Family Photographer Amanda Howse
Dressy Outfits for Outdoor Portraits | Solo Portraits During Family Portrait Session | Photographed by Amanda Howse, Tacoma Portrait Photographer
Cute Sisters | Family Portraits of Siblings | Photographed by Tacoma Photographer Amanda Howse

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Ready for some family portraits at Chambers Bay? You can reach out at any time on my website to book a session. Or you can email me directly at [email protected], or call/text me at 530-412-0730.

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