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January 15, 2021

I simply love offering AHP personal branding sessions. These shoots are all about marketing your business. It is ah-mazing getting to work with local businesses, especially ones that are women-owned! As an entrepreneur, I know how important it is to get your face out there. Annual updates to your website content and headshots are essential.

Marketing for Fitness Entrepreneurs

Dr. Michelle Leary-Chang reached out to me to schedule a personal branding session, and I loved having the opportunity to work with her. As a naturopathic physician, Michelle works with clients to address their health and wellbeing. We focused on one of her specialties, exercise therapy, for her branding session.

Book Your Personal Branding Session with AHP | I come to you for personal branding sessions. We work together to create content for your business that will introduce you to clients and help you grow your business | Photographed by Tacoma Photographer Amanda Howse
Headshots and Portraits with Your Colleagues | How to Have the Best Branding Session and Marketing Portraits | Photographed by Seattle Photographer Amanda Howse

Action Shots During Your Session

Michelle and her colleague coordinated their activewear for this marketing portrait session. We captured these two doing yoga, stretching, and exercising outdoors. These two had so much fun together, and I was able to capture what it is really like to exercise with them!

Marketing and Branding for Exercise Therapists in Seattle | How to Pose for Fitness Portraits | Personal Branding and Marketing Refresh for Women Owned Businesses | Photographed by Tacoma Photographer Amanda Howse
Action Shots for Small Businesses | How to Style Portraits for Your Business that Look Candid and Natural | AHP Personal Branding Sessions offered by the Best Tacoma Photographer Amanda Howse
Fun Business Portraits to Refresh Your Online Content | Candid Portraits of Entrepreneurs for Social Media | How to Have the Best Branding Session | Photographed by Tacoma Photographer Amanda Howse

Action shots are so important for marketing and branding. They show you in your element and give potential clients an idea of what to expect. This applies to more than just fitness entrepreneurs. I’ve also captured hair and makeup artists at work, in addition to other entrepreneurs.

Branding and Marketing Portraits of You at Work | Help Your Clients Get to Know You Better Through Your Website Content | AHP Personal Branding Sessions by Amanda Howse Photography | Seattle Entrepreneurs
Exercise Portraits for Fitness Entrepreneurs | On-Location Branding Sessions with AHP | Tacoma Photographer Amanda Howse
Action Shots of Fitness Entrepreneurs | Photographed by Tacoma Branding Photographer Amanda Howse

Headshots and Portraits

While action shots are great, it is just as important to have professional headshots. These can be used on your website “About Me” page, on your LinkedIn, and on social media accounts. Having consistent portraits across your website and social media pages is so important for attracting clients.

We can take your headshots outdoors or in the studio. Michelle chose to have outdoor portraits with the Seattle cityscape in the background, and I simply love how it shows her with the city she calls home.

Seattle Professional Headshots with the Space Needle and Seattle Skyline in the Background | Amanda Howse Photography
Outdoor Headshots for Female Entrepreneurs | How to Pose for Natural Headshots | Tips for Fitness Entrepreneurs | Photographed by Tacoma Photographer Amanda Howse

Studio portraits can look modern, too. I have an ah-mazing studio in the heart of downtown Tacoma. The gorgeous windows let in a ton of natural light, and I have plenty of backdrops for you to choose from for your headshots.

What to Keep in Mind for Your Personal Branding Session

A personal branding session is just that: personal! We want to make your session all about you. Whether you are a fitness entrepreneur launching a new studio or a salon owner with a team of hairstylists, your branding session will be focused on your business.

Exercise Therapist Portraits | How to Show Your Potential Clients What You're All About | Personal Branding Sessions with Tacoma's Best Photographer Amanda Howse

I work with you to style your branding session. I’ll help with location scouting, wardrobe ideas, and more. As a professional photographer with years of experience, I know how to capture you in your best light. Keep in mind that you want to show your future clients what you are like. Personal portraits and up-to-date content will help them get to know you better!

Let’s Connect

The new year is a great time to start thinking about a branding and marketing refresh. I recommend booking your AHP personal branding sessions annually! This ensures your content stays up to date. Reach out on my website anytime to get the conversation started. You can also email me at [email protected], or call/text me at 530-412-0730.

Thank you!

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