The Boss Babe Series | Christian Vargas Agency 


January 31, 2023

The Boss Babe Series | Christian Vargas Agency 

This week I am excited to feature a local Boss Babe who has been looking out for the Lakewood community since 2005. Christian Vargas is an American Family Insurance Agent who has built her agency to serve PNW families as they grow and change. Having a large, loud, wonderful family of her own, she understands the value of protecting your family and everything you’ve worked so hard for. How awesome is that?? I love supporting other women in the community who are making their dreams come true. Chrisitan is such a wonderful example of everything a Boss Babe represents! 

Boss Babe Studio Headshots in Tacoma, WA. | Headshots by Amanda Howse Photography

Generational Service

Christian got her BA from Western Washington University and began working on her dream of owning her own business. Today, on top of being an owner and agent of two locations, she is also a licensed MLO (Mortgage Loan Originator) with Rocket Mortgage. What can’t this girl do?? Having gotten the chance to open her agency about 17 years ago, she has built a large community that she loves being a part of. Watching her clients’ kids grow up and get homes and families of their own, she can provide generational service to help her clients’ confidence and skills grow. These relationships are what Christain says motivates her every day to be the best she can be!

Studio253 Headshots and Branding Session | Headshots by Amanda Howse Photography

Putting People First

This Boss Babe attributes her success to wanting to be like her parents. Watching how successful they’ve been in running a business and managing many employees inspired her to be just as ambitious. A main contribution to this comes in how Christian connects with people. She has always had a passion for foreign languages and became fluent in Spanish and conversational in Mandarin at University and studying abroad. Christian uses these skills to make information more accessible to the community by breaking down language barriers that can prevent families from getting the help they need. She knows the importance of putting people first. To get a free quote/consultation for your family, you can check out Christain’s page here

PNW Female Owned Business | Christian Vargas Agency | Headshots by Amanda Howse Photography

Women in Business

The Boss Babe Series came about as my way of supporting other local women in business. Each one of these talented ladies deserves to have a cheerleader in their corner. And that is what I am here for!! During our sessions, we get AH-mazing headshots in our natural light studio. Plus a collection of images for use in their branding/marketing materials. And we have a whole lot of fun while doing it! The other purpose of our session is to uplift women. Starting with awesome professional hair and makeup that highlights their natural beauty and makes them look and feel amazing. After all, we all deserve to feel our best! Having these few hours set aside where we get to celebrate these hardworking women is such a joy for me and I was so happy to get to share this experience with Christian! 

Washington Business Photography | Boss Babe Series | Headshots by Amanda Howse Photography
American Family Insurance Agent Headshots | Headshots by Amanda Howse Photography

Let’s Connect!

Know a friend or small business owner who needs some updated headshots or a branding session done? Send them my way for photos and to be featured on the blog!!! You can reach out on my website or by email at [email protected]. I am also available by call/text at 530-412-0730. I look forward to chatting! 

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