As a photographer, engagement sessions are a critical part of my work. These sessions help me get to know the couple before their big day. But a lot of the time, the client doesn’t always see the same value in scheduling an engagement session! After all, it’s already a busy time in your life – […]

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October 30, 2019

5 Reasons Why Engagement Sessions Are Important

Sunlit Garden Engagement Portraits of Couple | Why Engagement Sessions are Important | Couple Photographed by Tacoma Wedding Photographer Amanda Howse

Many women agree that their wedding day was the most beautiful day of their life. From the elaborate decorations to the details of your venue, the stage is set for gorgeous photo opportunities. All that’s left is the central subject, you! Not all makeup looks the same in the eyes of the camera.  As a […]

Wedding Photography Advice

July 9, 2018

6 Make-up Tips for Timeless Wedding Photography

make-up being applied during preparations for photos shoot, illustrating the make-up tips article

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